Our Story

Hello, my name is Luke van Heukelum. In September 2018 (at 13), I went to Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago for four days because my doctors thought there was a 99% chance that I had lymphoma. Four days later, I was happy to learn I beat the odds and did not have cancer.

However, during my 81-hour hospital stay, there was a lot of uncertainty as I underwent tests to determine my diagnosis. What helped me escape was playing games on my portable XBox with my headset and microphone so I could stay connected with my friends and forget that I was in the hospital.


What I learned since then is that many kids in hospitals have cancer and must stay much longer than me. They have nothing to help them escape and stay connected with their friends. To help kids like this, my family and I started Team44, a non-profit organization designed to provide an escape through connectivity for pediatric cancer patients.

The name Team44 is based on the concept of connectivity and the power of the team. I have been an avid soccer player since I was ten years old. And I wear number 44.


I hope you will consider joining Team44. Please click here to help us provide an escape through connectivity for kids that need it.