Coming Soon: Team44 2024 fundraiser

Team44 is a non-profit foundation that provides an escape through connectivity for kids with cancer. Team44, which is based on the concept of connectivity and the power of team, was founded by Luke van Heukelum, an avid soccer player who wears the uniform number 44. At age 13, Luke received a preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, of which he was cleared four days later.

While he was in the hospital, Luke found an escape through connectivity by playing on his portable XBOX which allowed him to connect with his friends, play games, and talk about what was happening to him. What started as a small idea of donating several XBOXs to the Oncology Department at Lurie Children's Hospital inspired the launch of Team44 and the vision of providing pediatric cancer patients to connect with their home life during their time in the hospital.

To help us provide an escape through connectivity for more pediatric cancer patients, click here.

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