Our Story

Hello my name is Luke van Heukelum, in September 2018 I went to the hospital for 4 days because there was a good chance that I had cancer. In fact, a 99% chance. But I am one of the luckiest people to say that I beat the odds and found out that I did not have cancer.

However that period of time in the hospital, 81 hours to be exact, there was a lot of uncertainty and testing that I had to go through to get my diagnosis.  It was very hard and very boring. Something that really helped me was playing games on my portable Xbox with my headset and microphone, so I could talk to my friends and forget that I was in the hospital all together.

Many of the other kids in the hospital have cancer and have to stay a lot longer than me, and they don’t have anything to help them stay connected with their friends.   To help these kids, my family and I started Team44 – a non profit organization to help pediatric cancer patients with an escape through connectivity.

We held our first fundraiser in November 2018 and are planning several events in 2019 to raise money. We much appreciate your help and support of Team44 and give back and provide an escape for kids that need it.